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Information on the source of the images used

Here you will find the sources for the images that we use on this website.

The image material is either created by one of our photographers themselves or integrated via,, and under the "Creativ Commons". In some cases, the images were purchased through or by the individual artists. Likewise, you will find here also the respective author sources, to the pictures, with whose authors directly a license agreement was closed.

Self-created images are not listed here, since there is no obligation.

Images that are licensed through the "Creativ Commons" may only be used under the same conditions.

Images are copyrighted and may not be copied from our website. All violations of our license agreements and the copyright itself will be reported by us!

If required, we will provide you with the individual license agreements.



©  xusenru - Khusen Rustamov / CC0 Public Domain

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